Never before have healthcare providers stood to gain more from a fresh and innovative look at Total Worker Health®. Marsh McLennan is excited to bring you just that! Leveraging the deep knowledge and experience of both Marsh and Mercer has resulted in an innovative and unique offering which enable provider organizations to deliver what healthcare workers want today.

We're excited to bring Marsh McLennan’s Total Worker Health® expertise to you to learn how such a complicated topic can be tackled for healthcare employers. You’ll find this valuable as a member of your healthcare leadership team that’s responsible for making the decisions on a healthier and safer worker experience, including: the C-suite, leaders of HR, clinical areas, traditional and psychological safety. We’ll address how the employee health conversation has advanced to how work affects employee health, safety, and well-being. We’ll discuss Total Worker Health® strategies and how to get started as a unified leadership team. Especially in the healthcare industry, a Total Worker Health® approach can be applied to reduce injuries and improve physical, social, and mental well-being.  

We’re offering this event to healthcare employers in New York state. 

Who should attend

HR leaders, Finance leaders, and anyone who participates in employee health & benefits programs, workforce strategies & employee communications, risk management and compliance in New York state. 


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