Demonstrating the power of using data-backed information: Leveraging the data from your Benefits Administration Decision Support tools to influence your future strategy. 

Join this engaging webinar that demonstrates the power of using data from your benefits administration provider to influence considerations in your future strategy. Aptia, hosted by Mercer, will dive into and dissect the cutting-edge data analysis being driven by Open Enrollment and other behavioral economics statistics being captured in your Benefits Administration system.    

A leading provider of benefits administration solutions, Aptia will share recent decision support analytics collected during open enrollment. These insights provide a unique glimpse into the minds of participants as they navigate the enrollment experience. In addition to the decision support insights, Aptia will provide an overview of their comprehensive benefits administration solutions and explore how their innovative technology and commitment to delivering exceptional solutions can enhance your benefits administration processes. 

Register now and don't miss this Mercer hosted opportunity where Aptia will showcase specific examples of employers using Benefits Administration data to drive analysis of and changes to your strategy.


Why attend

Attendees will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how data can drive strategic decision-making for your benefits strategy.
  • Explore the insights derived from recent decision support analytics collected during open enrollment, providing valuable information about participant behavior, preferences, and priorities.
  • Learn practical strategies and techniques to leverage the data from decision support analytics to reinforce or reshape your benefits strategy, ensuring it aligns with the evolving needs of your workforce.
  • Discover how Aptia's benefits administration solutions can enhance your benefits administration processes, streamlining operations and improving overall efficiency.
  • Empower yourself to optimize your benefits programs and enhance employee satisfaction by making data-driven decisions and implementing strategic planning techniques.


Who should attend

Benefits Administration HR Professionals, Employee Benefits HR Professionals, HR, CFO, and Finance leaders.