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With in-depth market and industry knowledge, Mercer specialists empower your organisation to make smart talent-management and succession-planning decisions to achieve your business goals. Our talent solutions help you plan for the future, mitigate risk or react to opportunities — fast.

Nail your talent strategy to drive sustainable performance

The global recruitment market isn’t getting any less complex, so effective leadership is essential to success. Under the weight of social, economic and political issues, your organisation must acquire sharper, stronger and more vigilant leaders to navigate turbulent times. Leader-organisation fit is a significant contributor to effectiveness, and alignment to values has never been so important.

As the world rapidly evolves, we need to renew our understanding of what leadership means. Business success rests on the methods you adopt to identify, assess and select the best leaders. Having a robust view of and process around talent assessment is critical to guiding your:

  • Talent acquisition
  • Leadership development
  • Succession planning

As expectations of performance and execution increase, leaders must influence their workforces to demonstrate agility for achieving desired outcomes. Your organisation must shift and adapt to respond to the business challenges of the new world and deliver on the company vision.

We help you better understand the skills your organisation currently has
and the skills needed for the future and how to close the gap with a clear
succession plan.
Gareth Jones

Business Leader, Pacific

New Zealand executives want talent strategies designed around skills

To attract and retain the best talent, you need to know what you’re up against. That means finding answers to questions like:

  • How does your organisation stack up against your industry peers?
  • What are the strategic priorities and initiatives of your competitors?
  • Where is the best talent and capability located?

We can give you the inside track on your competitors. Our data-driven approach uses proprietary research and intelligence methods to map out functional and organisational structures, key talent, talent inventories and the strategic priorities of your competitors or industry.

Our comprehensive competitor intelligence delivers powerful insights you can use to improve organisational performance, develop a winning talent-management framework and mitigate the risk involved in operational and strategic decisions.

Key benefits

  • Gain market and talent insights to facilitate informed decision-making and mitigate risk
  • Perform merger-and-acquisition due diligence
  • Grow your talent intelligence for new market entry
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of your talent pools
  • Analyse the makeup and diversity of your workforce

Partner with Mercer Evolve to perfect your talent strategy

Let us help you mitigate your most challenging workforce risks by leveraging our deep talent-management expertise, our global insights and our world-class capabilities across all lines of business. Start building your workforce for the future.
  • Talent solutions

    Mercer Evolve’s talent consultancy practice is enriched with expertise both in New Zealand and worldwide.
  • Global expertise

    Our local experts are backed by global intelligence.
  • Innovative thinking

    Mercer Evolve uses unique and forward-thinking techniques to help our clients succeed.

Mercer Evolve helps you build your workforce of the future

With global scale and a local footprint, Mercer Evolve can deliver talent-management and succession-planning projects across diverse industries and geographies by leveraging our experience, research and access to senior-executive networks. We produce timely, relevant and critical data that solves your strategic talent challenges. Together, we can help you and your workforce thrive now and into the future.
  • Talent assessment

    Partner with us on leadership development and workforce capability to achieve your business goals.
  • Succession planning

    Work with us to establish pools of high-potential internal and external successors and understand how they align with your organisational priorities and values.
  • Competitor intelligence

    Map your competitor landscape — pinpointing strengths and weaknesses — and get customised recommendations for targeted growth and talent strategies.
  • Talent mapping, pipelining and profiling

    Partner with us on all your talent challenges — from pipelining to mapping — and get customised recommendations for targeted strategies.

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