Preferred KiwiSaver Provider

Be KiwiSaver confident and make Mercer your organisation’s preferred KiwiSaver provider.

KiwiSaver confidence for you and your people

A recent global Mercer study found that, on average, people spend 13 hours per month worrying about money matters at work. Imagine what your business could do if those “lost” hours were better spent?

With three million New Zealanders invested in KiwiSaver, saving for retirement is a critical part of any workforce’s ‘financial wellness’ and vital for personal confidence when it comes to money.

Outsource your employees’ KiwiSaver worries to Mercer’s team of retirement saving specialists and help bring a little KiwiSaver confidence to your organisation.

Employers are asking, “what can we do to keep our employees engaged and motivated, and not stressed and worried about things that are not directly work-related?
Sarah Whitelock

Head of Consumer Wealth, Mercer NZ

Removing the stress 

Staff who feel their finances are in good order are less stressed and more productive at work. That’s why we’ll  work to take the stress out of your employees’ finances. We’ll do this by providing:
  • Advice:

    Every Mercer KiwiSaver scheme member has free access to a financial adviser — to help your employees make their best financial decisions.
  • Options:

    Seven diverse investment options, certified by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia.
  • Confidence:

    KiwiSaver confidence backed by approximately 25,000 Mercer employees worldwide, with insights gleaned from over $250 billion in investments.

Talk to Mercer’s KiwiSaver specialists today

We’re not a bank. We don’t do sidelines in mortgages, credit cards or personal loans. KiwiSaver is our focus and we are good at it.

We’re investment specialists and proud of our dedicated service, performance and access to global markets and knowledge.

So contact us today and see how we can bring a little KiwiSaver confidence to you and your people.

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