Mercer Super Trust

Mercer has been helping Kiwis save for their best possible retirement for over 65 years.

The Mercer Super Trust for Workplaces

The Mercer Super Trust is a workplace savings scheme designed to help you grow your wealth, both now and in retirement.

We’re a trusted provider to professions such as the police, defence forces and teachers.

Mercer Super Trust Benefits for Employees

If your employer has set up a scheme within the Mercer Super Trust you’ll enjoy some great benefits, including:
  • Performance 
    The Mercer Super Trust has a strong track record in providing competitive investment performance across the major asset classes. Performance details can be found here.
  • Choice
    You can invest in one of our investment options (ranging from 100% cash to 100% shares) that best suits your personal circumstances, or invest in multiple options to further diversify your investment portfolio. Try our Fund Selector Tool to find out which investment option may be right for you (it only takes two minutes). Please check the Your plan details booklet for information that’s specific to your plan.
  • Experience 
    With more than 200 staff involved in manager research, we track over 6,700 managers and about 35,000 investment strategies across the globe. Each investment option is carefully constructed and we monitor every manager on behalf of our investors.
  • Support 
    Access to financial advisers who are able to help you with your investment decisions.
  • Online account management 
    It’s easy to manage your account by signing in online and/or downloading Mercer’s mobile app (available on both the Apple and Google Play stores). You can check your account balance, update your details and review your investment options anytime. 
  • Competitive fees and insurance premiums*
    Our size enables us to negotiate lower charges on your behalf in areas such as investment management fees and insurance premiums.

If your employer has set up a plan within the Mercer Super Trust you can access information about your specific plan by signing into your account.

You can download documents such as annual reports or monthly investment updates. Plan-specific documents are available after you log into your account. Your employer will also be able to provide copies of your plan-specific documents.

* Check your plan-specific details to see which, if any, insurance benefits may apply to you. We recommend that you read the policy wordings for full product information, and for the terms and conditions that apply to all insurance policies. Take advice from a financial adviser if you are unsure what action to take.

Mercer Super Trust Facts


You generally contribute to your plan through deductions from your pay. Your employer may also contribute on your behalf.

Depending on the rules of the plan you are in, you may be able to make regular or lump sum contributions over and above the contributions deducted from your pay.

Investment choice

Whether you’re an aggressive investor with an appetite for risk, prefer to play it safe or are somewhere in between, we’ve got an investment option for you.

You can find out more about the investment options.


Mercer will deduct or refund tax on your behalf. You simply need to provide us with your IRD number and your tax rate.

The Mercer Super Trust is a Portfolio Investment Entity or what’s known as a PIE. This means any money you make through your investment will be taxed.

The Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR) is the rate at which you will be taxed. A PIR is based on your taxable income. This may include income from your salary, wages and any additional sources of income that you would include in your income tax return.


Find out all you need to know about the Mercer Super Trust, including fees, reporting, advice and access.

Mercer has been helping Kiwis save for their best possible retirement for over 65 years. Find out more about the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme.

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