Succession planning: Build a pipeline of leaders at every level

Let us help your organisation mitigate risk and ensure business continuity by locking in effective succession-planning strategies.

Mitigate risks and drive business performance with Mercer’s succession planning strategies

Mercer Evolve helps you develop pools of ready-now potential external successors to avoid leadership risk and to deepen your internal and external succession talent. We partner with you take a harder look at what capabilities it will take to lead your organisation to success.

Mercer Evolve partners with your organisation to:

  • Position world-class talent for critical roles to drive competitive advantage with corporate succession planning
  • Secure the best available talent for your critical roles to mitigate succession risk and protect business continuity against unplanned transitions with internal and external talent benchmarking
  • Ensure your organisation is meeting relevant succession-related board obligations demanded by regulatory authorities and shareholders

Get competitive succession-planning intelligence at your fingertips

Mercer Evolve uses competitor intelligence to deepen your understanding of your market conditions and analyse where your organisation is positioned in relation to your competitors.

We provide New Zealand business leaders with powerful insights to improve organisational performance and take the risk out of operational and strategic decisions, particularly when building the workforce you need, now and in the future.

Mercer Evolve employs proprietary research and intelligence methods to understand functional and organisational structures, key talent, talent inventories, and the strategic priorities of a competitor or industry.

Get confidential intelligence and insights, including:

  • Salary benchmarking and remuneration insights
  • Identification of top-performing talent in specific markets, geographies and functional areas
  • Competitor talent maps and structural analysis
  • Information relating to M&A due diligence
  • Talent intelligence for new market entrants

Manage leadership risk through validated, best-practice succession planning

To manage succession risk, your organisation must continuously identify and evaluate external leadership talent and benchmark them against internal leadership teams and critical roles.

Mercer’s succession-planning process aligns external talent profiles against any changes (planned and unplanned) in:

  • Your strategic, functional and organisational direction
  • The composition, structure and performance of your leadership team and key roles

Mercer Evolve succession risk-management service

Make informed decisions about strategic workforce planning and succession planning with the confidence of knowing Mercer Evolve provides speed, quality, value and total cost reduction over time.

We have developed a best-practice, validated leadership succession readiness and development approach, applicable to both identifying and developing internal talent and benchmarking external talent.

Our succession risk-management service is driven by actionable intelligence that significantly heightens your competitive advantage.

Our succession-planning process continuously identifies and evaluates your existing key leaders alongside external leadership talent. We then benchmark this talent pool against specific technical skills and leadership and role criteria.

The Mercer succession-planning methodology makes sure you have the best available talent in place to meet your strategic objectives and are best positioned to actively identify, develop and retain talent.

Benefits of our succession-planning process

  • Gain an understanding of the external talent landscape.
  • Extract meaningful, actionable intelligence.
  • Mitigate organisational exposure due to planned or unplanned structural changes.
  • Get deep insights into the internal bench strength of potential successors for critical senior positions.

How Mercer Evolve solves your leadership risk issues

The Mercer Evolve succession process enables:

  • A global pool of qualified talent mapped to nominated critical roles, giving you an understanding of the entire talent market
  • Quantitative and qualitative research on external talent benchmarked against nominated roles, including step-up/lateral talent and diverse talent (such as gender diversity)
  • A deep, rolling slate of ready-now successors for nominated roles, giving you surety around succession and unplanned vacancies
  • The ability to benchmark internal and external talent to gauge whether you have the best possible talent
  • Valuable market and competitor insights with strong focus areas
  • Tailored reporting for your key stakeholders
  • Fully supported talent replacement for top-grading and planned/unplanned changes without transactional placement fees, meaning significant savings in cost and time and a proven ROI
  • A robust organisational structure using our expertise and analytical insights from local and global data
We map your competitor landscape — highlighting strengths and weaknesses — and recommend targeted talent and growth strategies.
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