Talent mapping, pipelining and profiling your way to success

Tackle all your talent challenges — from pipelining to mapping — with Mercer’s targeted tools and strategies. Partner with us to gain full visibility of the market and access a ready pool of high-profile candidates able to step up and fill key roles in your organisation as soon as they fall vacant.

Achieve your business goals with talent pipelining, talent mapping and profiling

Having an effective talent strategy is the key to success for every business today. Securing your talent pipeline gives you a strategic advantage over your competitors, with on-demand access to a pool of top local and global talent, pre-aligned to business-critical roles.

Mercer’s talent pipelining solution and broader talent solutions target a variety of challenging situations:

  • Organisational transformation
  • Recruitment issues
  • High turnover
  • Multiple geographies
  • Hard-to-find skills
  • High-growth areas

We work with you to ensure you truly recognise talent as your organisation’s key success factor. Get the competitive edge by having ready access to top talent across the globe, already mapped to your key positions.

You set the parameters, Mercer Evolve maps the talent

We help you understand the delivery capability of your internal talent pool in the context of the external landscape by creating a comprehensive market map. Our confidential research, talent mapping and pipeline-management services provide your organisation with a thorough, focused and precise talent-intelligence solution.

Mercer Evolve’s team of dedicated experts partners with you to develop targeted talent strategies to serve your organisation. Our expertise and analytical insights gleaned from local and global data ensure a robust and tailored outcome.

Key benefits

  • Identify hard-to-find skills
  • Create a more diverse workforce
  • Perform sensitive and confidential talent searches
  • Maintain ownership of your data for future recruitment
  • Conduct cost-effective recruitment
Armed with tailored insights, you can power your decision-making, establish global and local talent pools, and create strong succession pipelines.

Partner with us to access top talent and secure your talent pipeline

Mercer Evolve identifies and confidentially profiles the world’s top talent and matches them to specific roles or job families in your organisation to develop talent pools and pipelines.

We confidentially benchmark internal and external talent to ensure you truly understand whether your organisation has the best talent. If not, we establish external succession pools for critical roles or provide comprehensive support for targeted talent acquisition.

Map your internal talent pool

Mercer Evolve shows you the delivery capability of your internal talent pool in the context of the external talent landscape by providing a thorough 360-degree view. Achieve strategic and competitive advantage, and attract and retain top talent faster, all while reducing your strategic work costs.

Prepare for your future requirements

Mercer Evolve can create pipelines for your future requirements and workforce planning. Our worldwide research and intelligence footprint delivers comprehensive global talent pools and pipelines.

Address gender diversity

Mercer Evolve also specialises in identifying leading female talent and, more importantly, can provide key gender diversity insights to help attract and onboard top female talent.

How Mercer Evolve solves your talent-mapping challenges. Mercer Evolve uses a three-phase process to help shore up your talent pipeline.

Talent mapping

Our Mercer Evolve team of senior consultants, specialist researchers and analysts conducts confidential research and intelligence collection. We target agreed industry sectors and organisations to quantify the depth and breadth of the talent pool and identify key talent aligned to each of your nominated role specifications.

During this phase, we meet regularly with your stakeholders to review the data and intelligence gathered and agree on a target group of individuals for the nominated roles. We then proceed to the talent-profiling phase.

Talent Profiling

Mercer Evolve’s engagement team discreetly engages with targeted individuals without reference to your organisation or the specific role to maintain confidentiality and gather critical information, such as their:

  • Current roles and responsibilities
  • Biographical data and qualifications
  • Career motivators/drivers
  • Career preferences and mobility
  • Key must-haves in relation to the nominated role
  • Leadership style and potential
  • Preference for organisations they would/would not consider joining
  • Compensation details — actual and desired
  • Timing to consider an external opportunity
  • Key cultural elements, to enable you to form a compelling talent acquisition strategy for onboarding

The key output of this phase is a comprehensive talent-profile report that you can integrate and leverage into a range of talent-centric activities.

Once the talent-profiling phase is complete, you can move on to our socialisation program, which may be linear and result in an immediate hire to suit a current need or may by cyclical, depending on the individual’s level of interest, readiness to move, and your preparedness for that individual and/or skill set. In all cases, Mercer Evolve supports the socialisation program from a talent-management perspective.

Talent pipelining

The final phase involves developing comprehensive talent profiles of target individuals to develop talent pipelines aligned to your nominated risk roles. Working closely with you to select target individuals and region priorities ensures that your organisation achieves strategic and competitive advantage with on-demand access to a pipeline of top local and global talent, aligned to business-critical roles.

Along with identifying individuals who possess hard-to-find technical skill sets, we also employ a gender and diversity focus to close quota gaps and ensure equal representation in both the talent-mapping and -profiling phases.

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