Our investment solutions

We're here to help New Zealanders with their retirement. Our investment tools are designed to help you manage the complexities of KiwiSaver and other investments, so you make the best decision for you and your retirement.
  • Mercer KiwiSaver scheme

    Mercer KiwiSaver scheme makes saving for retirement easy. Find out more here, or chat to one of our free financial advisers today.
  • Mercer FlexiSaver

    Mercer FlexiSaver gives you complete control of your investments, with short- and long-term investment options. Find out more about Mercer FlexiSaver here.
  • KiwiSaver Preferred Provider

    Get some KiwiSaver confidence for your workplace. Find out more about making Mercer your organisation’s preferred KiwiSaver provider.
  • Mercer Super Trust

    The Mercer Super Trust is an exclusive workplace savings scheme designed to help employees grow their grow your wealth. Find out more about the Mercer Super Trust here.

Find out how we're helping New Zealanders think about sustainable investing, KiwiSaver and their retirement.

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