Key HR insights 2023 

In the lead up to the HR Leaders Forum, we collated key insights and research shaping the HR agenda for 2023 and beyond.

Skills based organisations: A new way to work

As we continue to navigate market conditions and work towards building an agile workforce, skills powered organisations are becoming a preferred approach.

2023 NZ Talent Trends

We compared the views of global and local HR Leaders to identify the key workforce challenges faced here in New Zealand, and how these differed across the globe.

2022-2023 Global Talent Trends

In 2022 Mercer surveyed over 11,000 HR professionals, business execs and employees across the world to find out which workforce challenges are keeping them up at night.

Financial Wellness 2023: Helping NZ Retire Well

The modern world of work has a strong focus on delivering greater total wellbeing for employees. What role should employers play in their workforce’s financial wellness?

NZ Salary Outlook 2023

Many of the workforce trends we are seeing in New Zealand are further amplified by high inflation and the tight labour market we operate in. What role does remuneration play here?

MMB Health Trends 2023

Improving employee health and wellbeing is becoming a greater responsibility, and differentiator, for employers. We surveyed global insurers to see which trends are driving employer provided health benefits.
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