The New Shape of Work interview series addresses the challenges and uncertainty brought by the coronavirus, and how to transition to a more agile workforce for the future.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen increased focus on importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in general, and more specifically, what organisations can do to ensure that different populations of employees are truly thriving in the sense of their health, wealth and well-being has been top of mind for many. But how are organisations really addressing the issues?

Join us for a conversation between Travis Barton, Talent manager and analytics leader at GE, and Kate Bravery, Mercer’s Global Advisory Solutions & Insights Leader as they discuss the proactive steps that GE has taken as they navigate the path to a more diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment.

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Interesting moments from the interview:

  • Incorporating diversity 

    "We've incorporated diversity metrics as part of the chairman's monthly operating conversation with each business CEO. So now for us diversity is getting equal attention relative to other key business metrics like cash flow and quality. Additionally, we're leveraging some lean principles and practices to help us problem solve and address our opportunities to improve diversity and inclusion."
  • What's driving the gap

    "For us, what's the bigger value add is what we kind of call that the Tier two metrics. That means we're peeling the onion to say, look, maybe only this one diversity metric sits on our primary view or primary score card. But we expect everyone to be peeling the onion and looking more deeply behind those metrics to understand what's driving maybe the gap, or the opportunity, for improvement, and that's where there's a lot of other data that we might pull in to tell that story."
  • Exploring how we can better leverage Workday

    "Like many organisations were really good at putting data on a PowerPoint slide, particularly when we're talking about talent. But how do we use technology to get away from that. We in GE have just transitioned to Workday and we're in the process of exploring how we can better leverage Workday to minimise and maybe not completely eliminate some of the manual work of putting talent data on a slide that then immediately becomes out of date and then is often out of sync with systems."

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