Prioritise skills development to meet the future of work

Upskilling your people is your most critical workforce investment, but employees are struggling to find the time to learn. Mercer offers flexible, curated learning experiences around HR and workforce capability training for all employees. Develop your people to realise your organisation’s potential.

Safeguard organisation capability through learning and development

  • The business landscape has grown even more competitive over the past two years.
  • Work has become more complex, agile and fluid.
  • The shelf life of work skills is getting shorter, placing a premium on up-to-the-minute knowledge.

Investing in continuous learning to upskill/reskill your people for future roles has never been more critical.

The learning and development (L&D) function is vital to achieving organisation goals. Help your employees grow in ways that bring meaning and value to both the business and the individual.

The ability to look at what talent you have and identify workforce upskilling opportunities is essential to closing L&D gaps.
Rupert Griffin

Mercer Learning Leader, Pacific

Top talent is hard to find — and keep

A challenging talent market has sharpened the focus on attraction and retention — CEOs’ top asks of their HR leaders, according to Mercer’s 2022-2023 Global Talent Trends report.

Employers must play a lead role in keeping people employable, and employees are clear: Building skills increases their marketability, but investing in staff development makes them stay.

Employees who plan to leave their jobs this year are less likely to say their employers provide opportunities for horizontal moves, access to a career portal or a clear career journey.

By embracing a circular talent economy, your organisation can continuously reap the benefits of investing in learning and development. This means skills development is constant, and talent is perpetually redeployed in step with new opportunities and an evolving tech/human workplace. To deliver on this vision, companies must think beyond L&D and appreciate that skills — bought, borrowed or built from within — are the bedrock of robust future-of-work plans.

Build business resilience with future-of-work capabilities

In-demand skills change rapidly, and few jobs are immune to disruption. New skills and knowledge are required across your workforce. Employers must continually build skills and workforce capabilities to safeguard their future and the careers of their people.
Skills are the currency of the future.
Cynthia Cottrell

Workforce Leader, Mercer Pacific

What’s holding you back from upskilling your workforce?

Almost all Australian HR leaders believe their organisations have significant skill gaps. CEOs say investing in upskilling is their most critical workforce initiative this year as more than one-third of organisations lack the workforce capability and skills to drive transformation.

of HR leaders in Australia say their organisations have major skill gaps


of organisations lack workforce capability and skills needed to drive transformation

HR leaders face a range of barriers to upskilling their people:

  • Never enough money in the budget or resources to get things done
  • Burnout from keeping up with the pace of change and emerging skill needs
  • Lack of vital data to optimise engagement; internal talent flows; rewards; and diversity, equity and inclusion

Mercer Learning has you covered. We have the tools, insights and programs to overcome any workforce upskilling/reskilling hurdle.

Companies that focus on future skills development and prepare their people today will be the market leaders of tomorrow.
Andy Anestou

Learning Product Manager, Mercer Pacific

Harness our tools and methodologies to boost your workforce capability

Knowledge is the currency of the future, and Mercer Learning can enrich your workforce by designing and implementing your learning and development plans in three simple steps.
  • 1. Identify

    You need the right talent to deliver your business priorities.

    We help you identify your current workforce capabilities — and gaps — through evidence-based learning and skills assessments.

  • 2. Map

    We foster growth by defining a clear roadmap to success.

    We map learning pathways for individuals, teams and the whole organisation.

  • 3. Support

    High-quality content is vital for engaging your people.

    We help you choose the right solutions from our extensive curriculum of technical and behavioural programs as well as creating bespoke solutions.

How Mercer Learning builds your workforce capabilities

Mercer Learning cultivates thriving workforces through a comprehensive range of workshops and programs to suit your HR and strategic needs.

Mercer’s best-in-class learning ecosystem offers you a wealth of considered, evidence-based, impactful learning experiences, making it easy for your organisation to succeed.

Benefits of skills development with Mercer Learning

  • Global and local knowledge

    Practical skills with local insight underpinned by a global perspective
  • Experience-based content

    Practice-driven content delivered by subject-matter experts
  • Blended learning sessions

    Hybrid, real-time workshops run in Australian time zones
  • Accredited

    Learning accredited by Mercer
  • Customisable

    Tailored programs for different teams and individuals
  • Experiential learning

    • Practical and experiential content delivered by Mercer experts
    • Programs aligned to career pathways
    • Preparation for leaders to create an agile and thriving workforce
    • WorldatWork® training
  • Job evaluation and job analysis programs

    • Learn Mercer’s core job-sizing and analysis methodologies — MCED, JEMs and International Position Evaluation (IPE) — in your own time and at your own pace.
    • Our programs can be tailored to your organisation for a bespoke solution.
  • Custom programs

    Talk to us about tailoring a learning program to your needs.

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