Is Australia ready for Workforce 2.0? Global Talent Trends 2024 Australia 

Mercer’s 2024 Global Talent Trends study points to a future where organisations embracing Workforce 2.0 transformation can unlock potential by leveraging human-machine teaming to achieve more with less effort.

Productivity poses a growth barrier for many organisations. However, our study highlights an opportunity to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to unlock capacity and cultivate thriving workforces. We surveyed over 600 Australian executives, HR leaders and employees and their responses contributed to this year’s Mercer Global Talent Trends study.

Aligning leader priorities for business growth

One in four (24%) executives believe they will struggle to meet this year’s business demand with their current talent model. While the majority view AI as the solution, with 58% predicting AI will deliver productivity gains of more than 30%, two-thirds express concerns about implementing new technology without transforming work processes.

Meanwhile, less than a third (30%) of HR leaders in Australia perceive AI as a means to amplify human intelligence, thereby missing the opportunity to enable higher quality output beyond automation and increased work volume. Additionally, only 16% of employees report that their job has been redesigned to leverage the benefits of these cutting-edge technologies.

Simultaneously, employee expectations have risen. Louder calls for fair pay, improved working conditions for all and reduced environmental impact are rapidly reshaping the employment contract. Eight out of ten workers state that they are at risk of burnout this year, citing workplace stress, unsustainable workloads, "busy work", ineffective organisational structures, and a lack of trust between workers and managers as key factors depleting productivity.

HR plays a critical role in making work better for all, but there is an increased urgency for HR to collaborate with business leaders to drive in the necessary change at the pace required to meet organisational and employee expectation.

A new approach to work

Our study this year identified four trends shaping the People agenda in 2024:

Drive human-centric productivity

Solve the productivity equation with AI, assessment and work design.

Anchor to trust & equity

Foster a climate of trust through fair pay, equity, and inclusion.

Boost the corporate immune system

Build resilient cultures with teams that are risk aware and healthy at the core. 

Cultivate a digital-first culture

Design an adaptive, digitally fluent organisation where people can thrive. 
Discover the top priorities for HR and business leaders in Australia and learn how leading organisations are embracing the Workforce 2.0 transformation, where achieving more with less effort can become a reality. Unlock human-centric productivity with trust, resilience and a digital-first culture.

Global Talent Trends Study 2024: Executive Summary - Australia

Learn the priorities driving HR and business leaders in Australia and changes in employees’ expectations.
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