Mercer Private Portfolios

Mercer Private Portfolios is a customised portfolio management service for wholesale investors seeking specialised investment solutions that meet their own individual circumstances and requirements.

Simplifying portfolio management in a complicated world

Mercer Private Portfolios is a specialised investment management service for wholesale investors that delivers a tailored investment portfolio based on your specific objectives, liquidity requirements, investment horizon and risk sensitivity.

Why use Mercer Private Portfolios?

  • Dedicated Portfolio Manager
    All clients work with a dedicated portfolio manager who has extensive investment market knowledge and professional qualifications.
  • A tailored, diversified portfolio
    Wholesale investors can select an investment portfolio, incorporating a range of asset classes, that suits their risk appetite and investment needs. This can be made up of direct investments as well as unlisted managed funds.
  • Access to expert investment professionals
    Wholesale investors can benefit from the long-term investment expertise and skill of Mercer’s experienced team of investment professionals.
  • Comprehensive portfolio administration and online reporting
    Mercer Private Portfolios provides advisers and wholesale investors with complete portfolio administration and online reporting services, including a range of daily, quarterly and annual reports online.

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