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Tap into Mercer — the largest source of compensation and benefits data obtained directly from business leaders. Our database covers a wide range of geographies and industries, providing you with the most relevant data necessary to conduct accurate performance reviews and reward your employees accordingly.

Reports on Employee Compensation and Benefits in Singapore

Get the insights you need to balance HR budgets while offering compensation and benefits packages that retain your best talent in the face of fierce hiring competition. Whether you’re hiring new graduates or senior executives, our reports will provide you with the latest salary trends on a local, regional, and global level.

Global Compensation Planning Report

Talent scarcity and the ease of mobility are making it increasingly critical that HR retain top performers while also attracting outside talent. Gain insight into salary increase budgets and economic data to help set and manage your salary increase budgets.

  • Published: Online: October 2022
  • Next release: January 2023
  • File format(s): Online, Excel
  • Report type: Global online, Global online industry, Region Excel

Global Pay Summary

Employee pay often represents the largest expense for most companies, which means well-informed salary decisions are critical. Quickly review and evaluate base salary and total cash compensation around the world for a core set of benchmark jobs.

  • Published: January 2023
  • Next release: January 2024
  • File format(s): Online, Excel
  • Report type: Global online, Region Excel

Incentives Around the World

Motivating your employees to ensure your company achieves its broader goals is a challenge that many organizations face. Gain insight into the types of incentives offered around the world and quickly evaluate how these incentives vary by job family and industry.

An online subscription includes 12 months’ access for up to 5 users; includes access to all updates during that period. Additional users may be added for a fee. Includes Excel download files; does not include PDF.

  • Published:  March 2023
  • Next release: March 2024
  • File format(s): Online, Excel
  • Report type: Global online, Region Excel

Policies & Practices Report

Time to review your employment policies or practices? Get in-depth insights on salary increase forecasts, attrition rates, hot jobs, graduates’ starting salaries, medical coverage, insurance policies, short and long-term incentive practices and more.
Product Price
Policies & Practices Report SGD 2,000

Market Regression Report

Compare salaries, job families and sectors with our Market Regression Report which covers annual base salary, annual guaranteed cash, annual total cash, and annual total remuneration. This robust research analysis with market trend lines is particularly helpful to consult when designing salary ranges.
Product Price
Market Regression Report SGD 2,700

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