Putting your people first

We understand that businesses like yours need to build resilience to rising challenges, now more than ever before. We believe this starts at the core with one of your most valuable assets - your people. This is where Mercer Marsh Benefits can help.
  • Select More Value

    We know as a small business owner you have a million costs to keep track of. Let us make this one easy.

    Make the most out of your budget with our cost containment control. Lock in premiums and feel secure even as the market fluctuates.

    Yes we’re big, but that means we can negotiate big too. Take advantage of our global negotiation power and exclusive partnerships.

  • Select More Choice

    Whether it’s selecting lunch or a TV series, we all love to have choice. 

    Your employees want more choice too. With MMB employer solutions we have more comprehensive benefits than usually available to small employers. 

    Stay small, but act big with choice. We’ll work together for the solutions that are right just for you and your people.

  • Select More Competitive Advantage

    Your people are your business. By doing right by them you’re only ever going to win.

    Make your business offer more competitive and ‘stand-out’, even against larger companies, by having the very best people.

    We help you to attract and retain the people you need for the competitive advantage you deserve.

    With our packages offer benefits that work for the diverse work force of the future.

Our solutions

As every business has different needs, aspirations and growth plans, our benefits specialists will help build employee solutions as individual as every business
  • Benefits One

    Designed insurance packages for businesses from 2 employees.

    Our insurance packages are cost-effective covering a comprehensive range of medical and protection benefits which are usually only available to large corporations.

  • Elect Plus

    A fully customizable, all-in-one program that covers your employee benefits needs to engage current employees and attract the talent you need for future growth.

    Build cost-effective employee solutions with our team of experts that supports your business needs.

  • International Medical Plan

    This program provides the flexibility of a wide range of medical benefits across the globe to cover your international employees.

    Packages are designed from 1 employee.

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