Why associations choose Mercer

As you search for the right partner, we’ll provide everything you need to make an intelligent decision. That may include data, benefits or measurements not yet on your radar.

With our long-term relationships with insurers and providers, you’ll benefit from:

  • Sustainable growth:
    We’ve mastered the science of identifying, attracting and engaging interested prospects who are actively searching for an affinity benefits program like yours. Our proprietary education and financial tools tell you what to expect and where to put your effort.
  • Experience that pays dividends:
    Today, what you don't know can hurt your affinity program. Tap into our dynamic, updated knowledge base, derived from 40 years of experience and based on data that delivers some of the most advanced, cost-effective affinity benefits available today.
  • Reduced work and worry:
    Clients tell us our breadth of turnkey services is both rare and comforting. Just as important, advanced infrastructure — like our state-of-the-art call center — keeps everything running smoothly.
  •  Straight talk:
    Let’s face it, your members hate asterisks. They want to know exactly what is and isn’t included in their benefits. Count on our messaging to hone in on the value you provide, communicated in a friendly, trustworthy and compliant manner.
  • Experienced local and regional team of consultants:
    No matter how unique your challenges and goals, chances are, we've dealt with similar issues that affect all types of affinity groups and associations. We’ll find answers and develop a highly personalized, cost-effective program for your group.
  • Trustworthy track record:
    Our clients benefit from highly leveraged, competitive rates and group discounts that bring desirable offerings within reach. We can build structured programs that generate non-dues revenue, too.

Grow Membership and Revenue in a Changing Market

Whether you’re looking to grow your member base and affinity or create new revenue streams, Mercer can help you go one step further toward uniquely positioning your association in the marketplace. As the association market rapidly changes with new rules and regulations, you can count on us as your advocate and partner to present one-of-a-kind offerings and value.

Personalized benefits for your members may include:

  • Students: Student and short-term medical insurance, term life, renters property coverage and prescription discounts
  • Professionals and family: Life, disability, dental, long-term care, professional liability, accident, auto/home, travel insurance, legal services and Mercer Affinity’s individual health insurance solution
  • Small business: Workers’ compensation, property, health, dental, vision and professional liability insurance

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