A defined contribution pension plan designed to benefit you and your employees 

We offer defined contribution (DC) pension plans and retirement solutions, including delegated investment solutions and services in many countries around the world. We can help you design, plan and manage customised DC plans or implement a fully outsourced solution that aims to help you deliver on your business objectives while addressing the retirement needs of your workforce.

Implementing a defined contribution pension strategy 

A defined contribution (DC) plan aims to minimise a firm’s exposure to the pension risk, long-term financial uncertainty and volatility that are inherent in traditional defined benefit (DB) plans. However, DC plans can be complex and burdensome, and bring new risks and responsibilities. As well as investments, employers need to consider governance, risk, member engagement and retirement readiness.

Building your optimal strategy starts with design and implementation and then involves managing or outsourcing the delivery of a plan that aligns your organisational objectives with workforce demographics. To maximise the return on your time, effort and contributions made to the plan, it's important for employers to optimise retirement outcomes for employees. Engaging tools could help employees model their retirement outcomes according to changes in investment strategy, retirement age and contribution rates.

Investment responsibilities of defined contribution pension plan providers

We can help you find an optimal pension vehicle and investment structure that either is managed by your in-house teams or has certain elements outsourced to a third-party specialist. We can also suggest products that we believe will provide the right level of choice for employees, while staying aligned to company objectives.

As employees reach various life milestones, their choice of investment strategy may change. We can help you establish a DC investment structure that provides the option for flexible asset allocation and balances risk and expected return at all stages of members’ working lives.

We can leverage our extensive and global industry research to provide you with tailored advice on investment manager and fund selection to support your chosen strategy. We also advise on emerging market trends and opportunities, along with new product innovation.

We can help you offer employees an optimised investment strategy, finding the appropriate mix of expected return, risk and diversification. We benchmark manager performance and fees, enabling you to identify any areas where changes could improve outcomes for employees.

We can help you develop a financial wellness programme that engages employees and helps them reach their goals for every stage of their financial lives.

We can help you monitor your DC plans to ensure you stay on top of take-up rates, contribution levels, investment choices, investment manager performance and any other provider performance. We can also help you with compliance tasks. 

Building an optimal defined contribution strategy

  • Do you have access to robust investment research?
    We continually investigate, test and monitor investment managers and products, around the world, to provide you with the most up-to-date information and ideas.
  • Have you sought advice from an investment professional?
    Whether you want to streamline your plan or determine the right investment strategies to adopt, we can provide sound advice and guidance to help you optimise what you offer your employees and navigate the global provider landscape.
  • Have you considered third-party solutions?
    We can help you reduce the management and compliance burden associated with running your own self-administered plan, which could involve moving elements of managing the plan to third party packaged solutions tailored to your organisation, and employees.

Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index 2023

We benchmark 44 retirement income systems around the world, highlighting strengths and weaknesses.

Defined contribution pension plan solutions

We can help you deliver customised defined contribution (DC) plans that align with your business needs while providing your employees with a flexible investment opportunity. We can also support you with all aspects of DC pension provision, from investment to administration, enabling you to focus resources on your core business. You can review some of the solutions offered in Ireland or you can contact us to find out what is available where you are.
  • Ireland DC Master Trust

    The award-winning Mercer Master Trust helps you minimize the time, cost and effort needed to deliver a high-quality, IORP II-compliant defined contribution occupational pension solution.
  • Mercer Aspire

    Mercer Aspire is built around your specific members’ needs with the capacity to continuously evolve to reflect new ideas, opportunities and changing market conditions.
  • Employee Financial Wellness

    Improving employees’ financial wellness can lead to heathier employees, reduced absenteeism and lower turnover rates while raising employee satisfaction and improving the employer brand.

How outsourcing your commitments could help you
achieve your goals 

A growing number of employers are choosing to work with specialist investment providers to help them manage their defined contribution (DC) pension commitments. While this approach has many names around the world – outsourced CIO, OCIO, delegated solutions, fiduciary management – the aim is the same: to offer solutions that enable plan providers to meet their goals more efficiently.

Through an outsourced model, employers and other providers maintain control over the critical decisions, such as strategy, plan design and asset allocation, leaving the technical and tactical tasks, including investment manager selection and monitoring, due diligence and oversight, to a third-party specialist like Mercer. We offer a range of outsourced pension and retirement solutions tailored to our client needs all around the world. Contact us to find out more.

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