Take steps to advance equality

Mercer helps organisations with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) consulting to advance equitable career, health and financial wellness outcomes in the workforce.

Accelerate diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has become intrinsic to and synonymous with organisational health in today's world. Evidence shows companies that take steps to advance equality not only make a difference to their people and to the communities they serve — but also to their business.

Historically, DEI has occupied a less prominent seat at the corporate table. Today, internal and external pressure is driving companies to commit and show consistent progress. People sustainability and DEI are a key part of the “S” in environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives — and are now table stakes for every business. Organisations that are accelerating progress treat DEI in the workplace like any other core business imperative: having a strategy, engaging stakeholders, tracking and sharing progress, and holding leadership accountable for results.

It’s more critical than ever that companies understand that a DEI strategy is more than a differentiator — it’s foundational to growth and success.

Ensure long-term, sustainable progress with your DEI strategy

We help our clients accelerate their DEI journeys through a multifaceted, evidence-based approach that incorporates opportunity, experience, pay, and health and financial well-being interventions and outcomes.

  • DEI analytics
  • Examine data or content using sophisticated techniques and tools to discover deeper insights, make predictions and inform evidence-based recommendations. 
  • Strategic alignment
  • Align senior stakeholders and business functions to DEI mission, vision and values aligned to their people, ESG and business strategies.

  • Career equity
    Provide career equity through more accessible talent opportunities and outcomes, utilising effective and bias-free programmes and policies.
  • Pay equity
    Identify pay gap risks and remediate disparities. Minimise the extent to which processes and policies may drive gaps and shift towards more pay transparency.
  • Experience equity
    Promote equity across the employee journey – including closing health and financial well-being gaps –that wilenable unique populations to thrive.
  • Change and culture elevation
    Ensure that everyone has a similarly positive workplace experience by shaping the culture and partnering with others  to upskill leaders and managers.

  • Accountability and sustainability
  • Commit to progress by embedding goals and metrics in the business. Communicate transparently and regularly with all stakeholders. Build a vivid, inclusive cultural journey through relevant change and communication activities.

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