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For more than 50 years, Mercer Investment Consulting has been a leader in the Irish market. Through extensive global research, intellectual capital and specialist solutions, we create value for pension funds, insurance companies, endowments & foundations and other investors.

What is investment consulting?

Our investment consultancy services give clients specific guidance at every stage of investment decision-making, risk management and monitoring. In fact, we have been helping pension funds, endowments, foundations and other investors for more than 50 years. Our global scale allows our clients to benefit from our experiences in other pensions markets and to be fully supported in ever evolving investment markets and changing regulatory environment.

We create value by equipping our investment consultants with extensive global research and intellectual capital. Consultants bring Mercer’s best ideas to meet specific client situations. You can tailor our services to your needs, opting for anything from research and advice, through to specialist solutions including fiduciary management.

Broadly, our services fall into three categories:

  1. Research:
    We help our clients to be informed about market changes and trends that may impact them.
  2. Advice: 
     We advise clients on the best strategies for converting insights into actions designed to achieve your target outcomes.
  3. Solutions: 
    We have a range of specialist services for implementing your investment strategies, including fiduciary management.
Globally, Mercer provides investment advice to over 3,900 clients, with more than $17 trillion in assets. In Ireland specifically, we have more than 250 clients, with combined assets totalling over €50 billion.[1]

At the heart of our investment consulting is our global research. A significant number of colleagues globally carry out investment manager research. What’s more, our strategic research group of about 40 senior people globally develops forward-looking, dynamic ideas to improve the positioning of client portfoliios.

Working closely with our clients to implement the right solutions

Over the years, we have built a number of specialist teams. That means our investment consultants can offer you a range of specialist resources.
  • Investment Solutions / OCIO

    For 15 years, Mercer has provided fiduciary management services to a range of institutional investors – from pension schemes to endowments, foundations, insurers and wealth managers. Our flexibility, global intellectual capital and manager research help us to deliver for clients.
  • Sustainable Investments

    Drawing on two decades of experience, we offer research, advice, tools and solutions to help you wherever you are on your sustainable investing journey
  • Insurance companies

    We have been working with insurance companies of all sizes for more than 30 years and understand the unique complexities and requirements of the industry. We offer advice and resources to help you transform your investment program into a strategic differentiator.
  • Non-profit and charity investment solutions

    We help non-profit organisations, such as charities and endowments and foundations, invest for change. Our independent research, advice and tailored investment solutions aim to help you deliver better investment outcomes, while pursuing your mission. Our services flex to suit your needs.
  • Wealth managers and financial intermediaries

    We help wealth managers and financial intermediaries build custom portfolios and pursue investment opportunities for clients across geographies, asset classes, and public and private markets.
  • Alternative Investments

    We can help you generate new ideas and uncover innovation across all alternative investment asset classes, and source quality managers and strategies to suit your specific needs.

Is your portfolio prepared for today’s developing challenges?

Institutional investors have rarely faced such challenges. Today’s uncertain market environment is creating potential headwinds for achieving your investment goals and it has become more important than ever to build resilience and prepare for a range of outcomes. Meanwhile, sustainable investing is evolving and regulations are ever changing. There’s a greater need than ever for specialist guidance, expertise and monitoring.

Portfolio structures that have worked well for the past two decades are being tested as never before by these challenges. Institutions need to respond by stress-testing their strategies and addressing challenges in the following areas:

  • Understanding market trends and how they might affect your ability to achieve your investment objectives. At the same time, positioning portfolios to benefit from medium-term market opportunities.
  • Reviewing asset return assumptions and correlation factors to ensure proper diversification is achieved.
  • Developing a robust risk management dashboard that provide investors with relevant risk indicators and metrics.  
  • Monitoring funding levels regularly to avail of market opportunities to reduce risk and carrying out asset-liability management projections to assess the impact of changes in interest rates and inflation expectations.
  •  For defined benefit pension schemes, finding the best way to manage, reduce or remove risk as they move along the path to the end of their journeys.
  •  Identifying and selecting best-in-class asset managers, supported by the output of a global manager research capability.
  •  Developing and implementing sustainable investment policies through a robust and holistic framework. Framing policies that will adapt to changes in regulations and market practice as they evolve.
  •  Finding ways to improve governance and reduce operating costs. Taking an analytical approach can realise significant efficiencies in areas such as custody and securities lending, asset transitions and operations generally.

Beyond addressing these challenges, it’s important to monitor changes in your portfolios as well as in regulations. Do you have best-in-class portfolio analytics? Are you following the latest governance and regulatory updates?

We create value by listening to our Clients' issues and needs, equipping our investment consultants with extensive global research and intellectual capital and then allowing them the freedom to design the solution for the specific client situation.
Olivier Santamaria

Head of Investment Consulting, Mercer Ireland

There are three stages for optimising your portfolio.

Seeing through the confusing macro economic signals is hard in today’s markets, as is selecting the best investment managers. If you believe you need guidance to find actionable ideas and highly rated managers, our investment consultants can provide the support you need now and in the future.

Thinking critically about your journey plan and your timeframe for achieving it is the first step towards resolving any problems. We work closely with our clients to identify any immediate changes you can make, as well as a roadmap for addressing risk.

Our specialist teams support you in implementing strategies that meet your goals. At all times we focus on execution, seeking to minimise risks and costs.

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    1  As at 30 June, 2021