Addressing workforce diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) 

Download our perspective on developing actionable strategies in understanding and acknowledging where you are in your DEI journey.

Employers are significant influencers of social norms, playing a pivotal role in remaking our society into a more fair and equitable place where people can thrive. Now is the time for employers to take real action and rectify disparities in our society and the workplace. Saying something while doing nothing is no longer an option.

Many companies set out with the best of intentions for workforce diversity, yet tend to fall short. Often, this is because organizations are reactionary rather than proactive when it comes to their DEI strategy. Mercer’s Let’s Get Real About Equality 2020 research shows that while 70% of Canadian employers say they are focused on improving DEI, only 30% of employers have a multiyear DEI strategy. 

Download our perspective on challenging the status quo with determination, bold decisions and structural transformation. With extraordinary effort, including cultural and behavioral changes, you can make a difference in the short and long term. With a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment, you can feed the success and advancement of all your people.

Take the first step to make diversity, equity and inclusion an integral part of your workplace.

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