Standout talent mobility plans attract the workforce of the future 

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Create a global mobility program to attract and retain top mobile talent 

With top talent in high demand, organizations are elevating the mobile employees experience to attract the international workforce they need to succeed. Organizations that can provide the right degree of flexibility to their employees and that offer appealing, sustainable global mobility programs gain a competitive advantage.  

To optimize global talent mobility programs, international HR teams are increasingly adopting cutting-edge technology that makes the entire mobility management process simple and seamless for mobility teams, managers and international assignees. Companies need to manage costs while still offering competitive compensation packages. Researching the cost of living and pay differences around the world while checking local talent pools to find new talent is part of this balancing act.

The organization’s cost considerations must be balanced with employees’ standard of living. Livability varies and is driven by factors such as housing, medical care, infrastructure, culture and recreation, education, availability of goods and services, climate, sanitation, geographical remoteness, and the prevalence of disease and violence. Companies are trying to objectively assess these differentials to ensure equity for all mobile employees, no matter where they are working. Employees moving to a city with a lower quality of living receive quality of living allowances.

Finding the right balance between conflicting priorities, and the right mix of technology, flexibility and consistent policies, determine companies’ capacity to attract and retain top mobile talent.

Deeper dive into talent mobility

Maintain your mobile employees’ purchasing power, no matter where they relocate. Mercer’s annual Cost of Living City Ranking reveals the most expensive cities for international employees across the globe.
Quality of Living
Accurate livability assessments for cities around the world enable organizations to offer fair hardship allowances during employee transfers and determine locations for expansion. 
How to bring your global talent mobility program into the digital age? Read about the latest market trends and access practical advice to support your HR transformation and enhance the employee experience.

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