Digital well-being solution Mercer 365™ 

Employees are looking for benefits that support their well-being, efficiently, equitably and in ways that are unique to each person. Connect them to the programs they need to thrive via Mercer 365™, our all-in-one platform for digital well-being.

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of Canadian employees say they will only join a company if hybrid or remote work is available.


of Canadian executives say their investment in health and well-being has delivered a measurable return. 


Maximize employee wellness with digital benefits and delivery

Employees are looking for a new deal – one that prioritizes their well-being and supports their lifestyles, no matter where they live or work.



And the need for that support is only growing:

That’s where Mercer 365 comes in. Our fully customizable, turnkey digital benefits platform consolidates your organization’s benefits into one easy-to-use portal. Adopting Mercer 365 makes it easier for you to

  • proactively invest in employee health and wellness
  • enhance existing benefit plans 
  • simplify employee access to benefits

Anytime, anywhere access helps your workforce better engage with their total rewards offering and receive targeted support for their unique lifestyles.

A flexible, customizable employee benefits solution

Organizations face unprecedented challenges when it comes to employee engagement. Elevating the employee value proposition in today’s world requires a broader well-being offering and an engaging delivery approach. 

View how a few Canadian companies are enhancing the benefits experience for their employees with Mercer 365.

Accessing health support digitally

Employees have all become much more comfortable with digital service delivery.
Munich Re set out to modernize their programs to break down barriers to care, and create a singular platform that provided greater choice and flexibility for their employees.

Managing people risks and building resilience 

A diverse workforce needs a diversified benefits offering
Alithya, a Québec-based tech company, gained an edge in their talent practices by making it easier for employees to engage with their benefits.

Mercer 365 in action

A Canadian pharmaceutical company experienced dramatic results in terms of employee uptake and satisfaction. Ease of use and a personalized approach to well-being made an effective resource in building greater engagement.

The results?

  • 74%

    of employees used the platform 


  • 21% 

    of employees population completed a health risk assessment
  • 38%

    of employees workout once a month in the virtual gym
  • 73%

    enrolled in the Workperks program, each averaging 2 redemptions per employee

The pillars of well-being

We take a holistic approach to benefits, so you can support your employees via four pillars ­– physical, mental, financial and social ­– of well-being.

Make it easy for your employees to address their physical health needs. Virtual access to healthcare professionals and a personalized fitness journey can help maintain good health. Mercer 365 includes specialized solutions to boost physical health ­– focused on issues like sleep, diet, strong bodies and genetics.

You can offer your employees mental health services to address issues such as stress, depression and anxiety. You can also provide resources that promote resiliency, mindfulness and support for all your people.

A wiser, more engaged workforce can lead to more financial security for employees and their loved ones. Mercer 365 connects them to resources that can prepare them for the needs of their financial future, from purchasing their first home to planning their estate. Putting all of your workplace financial benefits in one place – savings plans, insurance products, investments – can also encourage greater employee engagement with those resources and ultimately, greater financial wellness. 

Meaningful charitable giving is on the minds of many of your employees. Mercer 365 connects your team to causes of your choosing and offers a range of ways to engage with their community. Help them easily find worthwhile organizations to support financially or via volunteering, and they’ll improve the lives of others as they improve their own.
We’ve leveraged more than 75 years of Mercer’s employee benefits consulting and brokering experience into an innovative technology platform. Mercer 365 does the heavy lifting for you, helping you build a more productive and engaged workforce. Put your people first: simplify access to their full range of benefits and free up resources to re-invest in more well-being programs.

Connect employees to care – anywhere, anytime

71% of employees in Canada are unsure quality mental health care is easy to find or access

Employers are adopting flex, hybrid and remote work options to support the well-being of their employees. Even if they work on-site, many Canadians live in communities that are lacking access to the resources they need.

Half of Canadians referred for mental health counselling are waiting close to a month to see a professional in their community.

How you respond will have long-lasting effects on the future of your workforce. Delivering benefits that address these gaps in care can even give you a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining top talent. 


Features for employees

  • Single access point for all benefits and well-being programs
  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year, on any device
  • Flexibility to meet their well-being goals as they evolve
  • Catalogue of resources to promote and support healthier outcomes

Benefits for employers

  • Seamless integration of service providers into one platform
  • Digitally enabled platform to enhance your existing plan
  • Embedded, customized and personalized communication features so that you can engage your workforce
  • Usage and well-being analytics to monitor engagement and satisfaction 
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