Employee benefits trends: Managing employees' well-being and flexibility  

How do you manage employee exhaustion and support employees in the moments that matter?

Mental health deterioration and workforce exhaustion are growing human capital risks that leaders must urgently address to maintain a thriving workforce. HR leaders are also grappling with job mobility and voluntary turnover rates, now at record high levels.

It's no surprise that improving employee experience to attract and retain employees is a top HR priority for leaders in Australia this year. Redesigning benefits programs is a vital part of this strategy.

Discover the latest trends in employee benefits and benchmark your company against leading organisations with Mercer's Australian Benefits Review. Get the key insights in the complimentary executive summary or access the full report.

Discover the top employee benefits trends to watch in 2024

  • 2021 - 15%
  • 2022 - 19%
  • 2023 - 22%
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Evolving benefits at a glance

Some clear themes have emerged from this year’s Australian Benefits Review (ABR), surveying 447 Australian organisations from a range of industries on their HR policies and benefits offerings.
  • Well-being

    Demand for well-being offerings is growing. However, the majority of well-being benefits still focus on physical health, such as flu vaccinations.
  • Flexibility

    Hybrid work arrangements are here to stay. More organisations are reporting the use of formal strategies or policies to support flexible work arrangements.

The latest Australian benefits trends

Moment by moment, employee experience impacts how employees feel and behave. Are you supporting your employees in moments that matter to them?

Discover the latest employee benefits trends.

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