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Delivering benefits that truly benefit in a hyper-connected world

Technology is integral to adapting at speed and transforming business processes in the face of continuous crises. It’s the foundation that underpins and future-proofs your people, rewards and benefits strategy.

As employees' expectations and experiences evolve, a forward-thinking digital benefits strategy becomes essential for organisations and individuals to thrive. Leveraging benefits technology allows employers to achieve more while minimising administrative burden and uncertainty. It streamlines transactional activities, ensures compliance, and mitigates operational risks. Ultimately, this positively impacts employee experience and their perception of their employers.

Benefits Technology 2023 report

Is your current benefits technology helping your organisation adapt, connect, succeed?

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Insights from the 2023 report

The need for benefits technology in the workplace is intensifying, and organisations across the globe are responding, with 

of HR professionals planning to increase investment in digital benefit platforms to support benefit administration and communication in the next 1-3 years.

Technology is integral to transforming businesses processes, and adapting at speed in the face of continuous crises, with 

of those with benefit tech in place saying it is effective in keeping them agile in the face of change.

It builds an intentional and authentic approach, bringing business priorities, people needs and risk management together, allowing employers to deliver on their key benefit programme objectives. 

With only 59% of employees saying that their benefits meet their needs, the time to focus on impactful personalisation, meaningful connections and technology to power transformation is now.

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