The next generation of rewards are human centred 

In a rapidly shifting work landscape, our understanding of rewards and compensation must evolve.

As work deconstructs into specialised skills-based projects, traditional pay structures are falling short. In this chapter of The Human-Centric Enterprise, developed by Mercer and Thinkers50, Shanthi Naresh explores the transformation of rewards, highlighting human-centric, values-based approaches and the growing focus on pay equity and pay for innovative employment models. This includes the emerging trend of skills-based rewards, recognition programmes, expansion of benefits, and a shift toward team-based performance pay. As we venture into this new era of work, have you decided how you will foster a human-centric rewards transformation to support growth and stand out from the competition?
As the shape of work shifts, organisations must consider a new rewards framework to enable attraction and retention— one that considers the new norms and ethics that are playing an important part in shaping the “how,” “what,” “why,” and “for whom” of rewards.

A conversation with Shanthi Naresh


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