Scaling empathy: A human centric approach to being digital 

As organisations rethink what it means to be digital and begin designing to put people first, we’re experiencing a revolution in the world of work. 

While technology continues to revolutionise businesses, we're recognising that true digital transformation must be human-centric. This chapter of The Human-Centric Enterprise, developed by Mercer and Thinkers50, delves into the intersection of technology and humanity in the modern workplace. Here, Jason Averbook navigates the blending lines between B2C and B2B and demonstrates how a culture of empathy can revolutionise the world of work. 

Eight practical tips for being digital

This chapter provides ideas for on how to cultivate digital competence, adapt to the constant flux of the business environment and embrace the journey toward a more empathetic, human-centred digital future. Jason offers eight practical tips:

  1. Distribute authority, and enable employees
  2. Invest in and cultivate digital competence
  3. Have confidence in your digital commitment
  4. Hold everyone accountable for data fitness
  5. Practice radical simplicity
  6. Use value thinking to make smart, proactive decisions
  7. Use a network orientation that includes more stakeholders 
  8. Understand that changefulness is the new normal
Taking a human-centred approach to digital transformation means organisations must think hard about how to integrate empathy at scale into their digital strategies.

A conversation with Jason Averbook

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