How relatable organisations are winning hearts and minds 

To win in the people age, organisations must act with humanity — relating to employees not only as workers but also as stakeholders in the company’s success.

Organisations are evolving with changing times and leading with an expanded stakeholder model. Emerging from the pandemic, leaders have become acutely aware of a people-driven future of work — with values as a pivot point for change.

In this chapter of The Human-Centric Enterprise, developed by Mercer and Thinkers50, Kate Bravery looks at some of the candid conversations leaders are having about sustainable work environments, Good Work and creating a more symbiotic relationship between technology and humanity. Organisations that strive to stay more relevant, responsible and relatable in this landscape are the ones that will ultimately thrive.

Five areas in focus for relatable organisations

We detail how leading organisations are striving to be more relatable in five important ways. Relatable organisations are:

  1. Resetting for relevance
  2. Working in partnership
  3. Delivering on total well-being
  4. Building for employability
  5. Harnessing collective energy
Employees of all generations are no longer willing to sacrifice today for a brighter tomorrow; they want things to be better now. The organisations that act with humanity and create more human-centred workplaces will win in the people age.

A conversation with Kate Bravery 



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