Mercer BenefitsMonitor™

Your one-stop source to get market prevalence, legislative updates and key survey findings.

Recognizing that keeping track of market response to market and legislative changes can be demanding, Mercer offers you Mercer BenefitsMonitor™ (MBM) to help you keep abreast with market intentions, trends and how organizations are dealing or will deal with market changes and statutory amendments. MBM is your one-stop source to get market prevalence, legislative updates and key findings of adhoc snapshot surveys.

MBM is an interactive and user-centered online tool that offers a wide range of flexible and intuitive features for benefits reporting and analysis.

Advantages of MBM

Whenever, Wherever, Whatever

  • One stop source for market and statutory benefits information from 17 APAC countries.
  • Fast & convenient access to data according to the level of detail required.
  • Uniform reporting tool across all APAC countries.
  • You can access online data whenever you want, wherever you are.
  • You can now request customized peer groups online, and the tool will process them!
  • You can quickly create reports on specific benefits sections (e.g. annual leave or retirement or dental care or all) for the levels you need at that time, with out needing to sieve through the entire report!

Better Interface and Service

  • Export your analysis into convenient formats.
  • Indefinite number of reports can be generated.
  • As a data service, you won't just be receiving reports in your accounts or via emails, you can access the types of the reports you need with greater convenience.
  • MBM can be further developed into a portal of information to allow users to access information about other topics or sources.

Product Improvement and Development

  • Mercer BenefitsMonitor offers the potential for quicker updates, development and integration with other systems in the future.

Types of reports available

There are two types of reports available in the Mercer BenefitsMonitor application depending on your need.

1. General, high level report

  • Spotlight of Key Benefits provides an overview of key benefits practice trends in the general market. This report is updated yearly, based on information taken from our benefits survey database. It represents all industries and presents results that can be used for making informed decisions on your benefits program

2. Specific, detailed report

  • Benefits Practice Report Summary (BPR-S) provides you with a quick overview of prevalence information and the median values on the survey responses to questions from our benefits questionnaire across all employee levels. It is a useful report to help you quickly identify variations in the benefits policies provided to the different employee levels within your selected peer group.
  • Benefits Prevalence Report (BPR) provides statistical information on the survey responses to questions from our benefits questionnaire. The report allows you to compare your employer's benefits policies and practices against the aggregated statistical results of selected peer groups, based on your subscription. It is an excellent way to benchmark your benefits program to ensure that your benefits strategy remains market competitive. Free-form text type questions are excluded from the report.
  • Detailed Benefits Report (DBR) provides you with the insight to the exact details per benefits plan of a custom peer group of your choice and the exact number of companies providing a certain benefit. It allows you to compare your benefits plan against each individual peer group presented on a side-by-side format and calculates average, maximum and minimum values for you. Note that peer employer names are not disclosed when presenting results.

Types of Subscription

There are three types of subscription package to meet your needs. Subscribers to any one of the three packages are entitled to one password for a year's membership upon given access.
Standard Standard Plus Premium
  • Spotlight on Benefits
  • BPR and BPR-S for 'All Industries' peer group
  • Spotlight on Benefits
  • BPR and BPR-S for 'All Industries' peer group
  • One free custom peer cut (either BPR, BPR-S or DBR)*
  • Spotlight on Benefits
  • BPR and BPR-S for 'All Industries' peer group
  • Unlimited free custom peer cuts (either BPR, BPR-S and DBR)*
*All custom peer cuts are subjected to Mercer's approval in order to ensure data confidentiality.

You will also receive

  • Global Benefits Legislative Updates (GBLU) – provides you with monthly updates to legislative and other environmental changes to key employee benefits in over 40 countries.
  • Snapshot survey / Quick poll results – receive key findings or take part in adhoc snapshot surveys and quick poll results in MBM to receive the full report for free.
  • Benefits webinars – listen to free recordings of benefits webinars that have been conducted to keep abreast with trends.

Available countries

  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Sri Lanka
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
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