Pay equity

Review and resolve pay inequities, reduce risk, increase diversity and drive organizational success with our comprehensive, objective and expert-led global methodology for pay equity solutions.

Effectively address pay equity

Pay equity has become a critical priority globally. This has prompted many leading organizations to take a more active and strategic role to ensure equity in their workforces.

The opportunities, challenges and barriers organizations may face when effectively addressing pay equity include:

  • Responding to intensifying pressures from governments, activist investors and employees to offer equal pay
  • Attracting and retaining a diverse mix of high-quality talent by ensuring equitable career opportunities and pay equity
  • Consistently assessing and addressing pay inequity across different geographies

To address these issues, organizations should include pay equity analysis as a core component of their annual compensation reviews and DEI processes. They should also proactively prepare disclosure of pay and rewards, and strive to accelerate workforce diversity.

Locally and globally, Mercer helps organizations effectively address pay equity and ensure fairness in their rewards. Based on statistical methods (that conform to the highest standards), our approach is designed to have a significant and sustainable impact. It is informed by many years of collaboration with the world’s leading companies.


of organizations globally say they address pay equity as part of their compensation strategy. 


have a formal process for remediating pay inequities.

How we help

Gender and racial pay equity has become a critical priority for C-suite and human resource (HR) leaders. We help organizations effectively address pay equity and ensure fairness in their rewards. From a simple focus on compliance ranging to a comprehensive disclosure and transformative focus, our approach includes: 
  • Securing local compliance support

    It is imperative to meet complex current and emerging local compliance requirements by jurisdiction. Mercer offers local expertise to support regulatory submissions and other required activities.
  • Conducting equal pay analysis

    We examine roles with large average pay differences between genders and provide discipline for further review within highlighted roles.
  • Performing pay equity analysis

    We highlight and measure unexplained pay gaps and develop strategies to close them. We advise on targeted pay adjustments and interventions that focus on root causes. This work can inform both required and voluntary ESG disclosures.

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