Mercer Future Wise™

Mercer Future Wise is Canada’s first delegated DC plan, lightening the administrative burden strengthening employees financial wellness.

Improving employee retirement incomes and employer outcomes

Many plan sponsors struggle with finding the necessary resources and expertise to help their employees on their savings journeys and to support them in transitioning to retirement. In addition, defined contribution (DC) plan management is becoming increasingly complex. This leaves employers with little time to take a strategic approach to achieving DC plan success.

Working with Mercer gives you access to high-quality governance, and best-in-class risk mitigation and management services. In addition to providing fee transparency, cost savings and exceptional services, Mercer can help you achieve superior outcomes. This is a result of the economies of scale we can achieve by pooling your assets with those of other employers.

Harness the power of Mercer’s global presence

For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing delegated defined contribution (DC) support. More than 500 clients worldwide are currently using our services. With over $346 billion* in delegated assets under management globally, Mercer is well equipped to manage your DC plan and boost your employees’ financial wellness.

Our researchers regularly evaluate and monitor Canadian and global investment options and managers. The breadth of investment options we can access opens the door to more non-traditional assets than other Canadian service providers can typically make available.

Outsource strategically to optimize outcomes

Mercer works closely with our clients to provide tools and services designed to improve employee retirement incomes and optimize employer outcomes. One example of our range of solutions is Mercer Future Wise™.

This delegated defined contribution solution provides a full suite of services — from portfolio management to plan design and fee negotiation. We leave control of strategic decisions in your hands. With Mercer managing your day-to-day plan governance, you’re free to focus on broader plan strategies.

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