Mercer Pension Risk Exchange™

The Mercer Pension Risk Exchange is a first-of-its-kind online platform that bring together buyers and sellers of group annuities in real-time.

Mercer Pension Risk Exchange™

For more than 70 years, clients have counted on Mercer to provide actionable insights and forward-thinking solutions to meet their ever-changing retirement plan needs. The evolution of our innovative solutions for pension risk management moves up a step with the Mercer Pension Risk Exchange™.

What Is the Mercer Pension Risk Exchange?

The Mercer Pension Risk Exchange is a ground-breaking solution that helps plan sponsors execute an annuity purchase in highly competitive environments and in a shorter timeframe than is currently possible on their own. This sophisticated monitoring and pricing platform offers a new online marketplace for sponsors, along with access to exclusive insurer quotes.

The Mercer’s Pension Risk Exchange can help you:

  • Increase sponsor readiness
    Plan sponsors can access real-time online annuity pricing and trigger monitoring with the Mercer Pension Risk Exchange. It gives plan sponsors access to the latest market price information, enabling them to make annuity purchases at an acceptable cost within a desired timeframe. The platform is optimized for mobile devices, which makes accessing pricing easy and convenient.
  • Capitalize on market transparency and dynamic monitoring
    Obtaining accurate annuity pricing is usually a lengthy and complex process, one that is further complicated by market volatility and rapidly changing insurer preferences. A lack of price visibility often leads to missed opportunities. The Exchange offers unmatched price transparency. This enables plan sponsors to continuously monitor plan-specific metrics so they can take advantage of market opportunities in Canada as well as across the US and the UK.
  • Reduce execution timelines
    As part of the exchange onboarding process, we share plan provisions and client data with insurers. This allows ample time for analysis and for any questions to be answered. As this work is done well in advance of the execution phase, plan sponsors can request and receive binding pricing in a matter of days — rather than weeks — when a market opportunity arises.
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