Catalytic Investment Exchange

We're connecting deal sponsors and investors through a digital platform and in-person events. Join the first round focusing on green infrastructure in Africa.


Accelerating capital flows to economies most vulnerable to the risks and realities of climate change is core to implementing climate transition across the global economy. In emerging and frontier markets, investing in the transition has the potential to support critical climate adaptations, from the delivery of renewable energy sources and improvements in energy efficiency to the enhancement of economic infrastructure and resilience to the effects of global warning.

To help clients and investors around the world navigate the energy transition, we’re launching the Catalytic Investment Exchange (CIX). The CIX will bring together deal sponsors and direct investors and will seek to enable effective and efficient due diligence. It provides potential investors a digital due diligence review platform and provides the opportunity for investors to meet with deal sponsors at Mercer lead events around the world. 

The focus of the first round of deals is on green infrastructure in Africa and the first event will be held in New York during Climate Week. If successful, we will continue to run the online platform and provide regular opportunities for in-person connection. Register your interest by emailing by September 12 to take part in an initiative which has the potential to drive direct investment in climate projects across emerging markets. 

Catalytic Investment Exchange Pilot

Online deal review: From August 14
In-person: Event: September 20 - 22
Location: Marsh McLennan New York

How the initiative works

Participation is easy. Prior to the event, deal sponsors complete a questionnaire, and those responses are then made available to direct investors. Investors can conduct their own due diligence of deals based on the information available in CIX, and those who are interested in discovering more about a specific deal can choose to join an in-person event for direct engagement with deal sponsors. Using an online scheduling platform, investors will have the opportunity to select a 55-minute block over the course of the three days.
  1. Deal sponsors complete a questionnaire.
  2. Deal information is made available on the CIX platform.
  3. Institutional investors register and log in to the platform to view project profiles and conduct due diligence.
  4. Institutional investors schedule a meeting with deal sponsors of interest.
This graphic shows the process that an investor will following when looking at an investment deal. Investors can filter the list of deals based on criteria such as country, size and asset class. Once they examine a deal they can decide whether or not they would like to meet the deal sponsor at the next event organized by Mercer. If they decide to meet the deal sponsor, they get taken to a scheduling application to select a time that work with the deal sponsor. If they decide not to meet the deal sponsor, the platform strongly encourages them to provide feedback that will be presented to the deal sponsor in an aggregated anonymized way.

How you can participate

If you are a deal sponsor, adding your deal to the Catalytic Investment Exchange database and attending the event is free. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

Step 1. Write to us.

Step 2. Use the link provided in our response to add your project information on the site.

Step 3. Respond to meeting invitations from investors that are interested in knowing more about your project and/or receive anonymized feedback on your project.

Step 4. Attend meetings with potential investors at our next CIX event.

If you are an institutional investor (such as a pension plan, endowment, foundation, sovereign wealth fund, general partner, development bank) registering for the Catalytic Investment Exchange database and attending the in person event is free.  All you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

Step 1. Write to us.

Step 2. Use the link provided in our response to indicate interest in viewing projects.

Step 3. Schedule meetings at the in person event.

Step 4. Meet with project sponsors.