Achieving balance for federally regulated organizations 

Achieving balance

Employers globally are recognizing that when women thrive it leads to business success. Mercer analyzed its internal teams and found that when there was a least one woman on a sales team, the overall win rate increased by 28%.

However, our research indicates that only 31% of Canadian organizations set formal quantitative goals or targets for diversity and inclusion outcomes, compared to 50% globally. In order to flourish in an interconnected world, Canadian employers must do more to improve gender parity in the workforce.

For federally regulated organization, you must take necessary actions to review your own practices and ensure there are no-gender based pay gaps or rectify if any are found.

Take the first step, by downloading our perspective on ways you can prepare for the new legislative requirements and align pay equity with your overall workforce strategies.

Download our perspective to learn ways you can prepare for the new pay equity legislative requirements.
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