Killer communications elevate the employee experience 

Effective communications are the glue that holds the workforce together.

This year, we have experienced drastic change, whether economic, social, health-related or, as we’ve seen, a combination of all three, have magnified the importance and value of effective communication. More than ever, thoughtful, credible and timely communication is paramount to employees.

Mercer’s latest whitepaper explores how a strategic and adaptable internal communication approach is the glue that holds the workforce together — building culture, informing and engaging employees, while keeping them focused and motivated.

For your workforce, leaders and corporate culture, internal communications can support your greater purpose. Getting it right includes:

  • Being transparent
  • Providing context
  • Updating regularly
  • Giving employees a voice
  • Leverage credible sources
  • Embrace both digital and traditional
  • Let your leaders lead
  • Ignite purpose

Download our whitepaper to find ways you can shape the employee experience with the power of proactive internal communications.

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