HR transformation in the experience age: analyst report by Josh Bersin 

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40% of all HR departments are going through some type of transformation, and almost every one is in a state of continuous reinvention.
Josh Bersin,

Global Industry Leader and Founder of the Josh Bersin Academy

Given the high expectations placed on HR today, it’s no wonder transformation is so widespread.

Often, HR transformation is sparked by a major human capital management (HCM) implementation. When new technology is introduced, HR needs to harmonize, redesign processes, and get employees up to speed. In this traditional approach, HR “pushes out” processes. But this hasn’t been effective at engaging employees. Technology can open the door to transformation beyond implementing a new HR platform.

In its place, a whole new model of HR is emerging. Instead of designing processes, HR is shifting its focus to designing experiences. This change comes with a completely new perspective on the roles and responsibilities of HR and requires:

  • Becoming more agile
  • Adopting design thinking
  • Working in cross-functional teams
  • Co-designing solutions with the business    
It’s clear from client discussions that HR technology is forcing HR generalists to become consultants, business advisors, experience designers, and analysts. This shift is built into the Target Interaction Model.
Josh Bersin

In an effort to help HR teams understand this experience-focused approach, global industry leader Josh Bersin has written about HR transformation, highlighting Mercer’s Target Interaction Model (TIM). This innovative model helps HR departments reach their goals of becoming more agile, effective, and strategic.

Every HR team’s goals are unique to their particular organization and workforce. To demonstrate HR transformation in more detail, the report features two case studies by leaders in HR:

  • Creating an integrated model for a global, multi-brand company, PVH
  • Scaling HR for fast-paced growth and contingent workers, TripAdvisor

Read the report to see how Mercer helps organizations shift from a push to a pull transformation model.

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