Reshaping the future: Agility amidst fragility  

The last few years have certainly been defined by the word ‘uncertainty.’ Economic headwinds such as market volatility, geopolitical risks, inflation and affordability challenges and a tight labour market put pressures on Canadian organizations and sent employee expectations soaring.

In 2024, these long-term trends have collided with sudden shocks such as interest rate volatility, labour market transformation and the dawn of generative artificial intelligence (AI), to produce an era unlike any we’ve seen before. In this complex and dynamic reality, change is the only constant – and employees and employers alike are feeling the ripple effects. 

Now is the time for organizations to reassess their people strategies and understand the forces at play. Those who are prepared to act will be able to position themselves for success in 2024.

Our whitepaper Reshaping the future: Agility amidst fragility addresses the investment opportunities, financial considerations and workforce and benefits trends that will impact Canadian employers in 2024. In it, you will discover: 

  • Our outlook on Canada’s economy in 2024
  • The financial concerns that are top of mind for Canadian employees and what employers can do to support their workforce
  • Lessons learned from shifting attitudes around pay transparency, and how organizations can adjust to a new reality
  • Insights into the key drivers of higher benefits costs, and what employers can do to control them
  • Financial trends and enhanced regulations on the horizon, such as the upcoming new Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities (CAPSA) guidelines
Organizations that are ready to act – who are agile in a fragile economy - will achieve a competitive advantage. By planning ahead, your organization can position itself for success.
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