Reshaping the future 

Take stock and solidify

Upheaval in global markets and the profound impact on people in the past year have created palpable stress on both people and companies. Forces such as increased market volatility, geopolitical discord, higher inflation and tighter monetary policies all impacted financial markets in 2022. Many of these forces are not new. We’ve withstood them before. But, even with the prospect of inflation potentially levelling off in 2023, the path forward is clouded in uncertainty.

Now is the time to leverage lessons learned from the past to prepare for what comes next. In 2023 organizations must take stock, assess risks and opportunities, focus on the future and solidify.

Our white paper Reshaping the future: Take stock and solidify addresses market trends, investment opportunities, and financial considerations that will impact employers and employees in 2023. In it, you will discover:

  • Lessons learnt from previous years  you can equip yourself with for what might come next when it comes to investment challenges, such as resource conflicts, weak growth, spiraling inflation, and monetary/fiscal tightening.
  • Insights into inflation, the end of “free money” and the balance of power.
  • Investors unwavering commitment to sustainability principles, ensuring a joined-up transition against a backdrop of increasing interest in sustainable issues and pushback against counterproductive sustainability culture.
  • The crucial role quality governance plays in investment committees’ ability to take advantage of opportunistic investment, dynamic diversification, and the construction of robust portfolios (including the use of private markets).
  • The workforce trends that will impact emplyoers and employees alike in the coming year.

Change is coming – is your organization ready? By preparing for change you can best position your organization and your employees to weather emerging headwinds and reap rewards.

To begin to plot your path forward, contact a Mercer consultant today.

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