We are on the cusp of the most significant workforce transformation that we’ve ever witnessed as we embrace artificial intelligence (AI) and new work models. And this transformation is happening against a background of increased economic and geo-political uncertainty. In an environment of heightened risk and accelerated digitalization, how can organizations foster sustainable talent practices and what can they do to strengthen their corporate immune system? Future-fit firms are putting people at the heart of their quests for productivity, equity, resilience, and in building out digital-first cultures. But how are leading firms investing differently?

Mercer’s 2024 Global Talent Trends Study unpacks these topics with insights from over 12,000 C-suiters, human resources (HR) leaders and employees - with valid data sets across 17 markets and 16 industries. To learn more about this year’s trends and their regional implications, join Mercer experts who will share the trends and how leading firms are addressing them.

Why attend

We will be sharing the 2024 results of our Global Talent Trends research and discussing what it takes to lead in perpetual motion. During this session we will reveal HR’s 2024 priorities, what executives believe will really move the dial this year and how employee’s needs have shifted HR. We will touch on how companies are adopting AI, how to build a skills-powered organizations right along with the risk associated with rapid AI adoption and the transition to new work models.

Who should attend 

CHRO’s, Human Resources, Talent, Benefits, and Compensation leaders and professionals interested in hearing about the latest talent trends, how they are impacting organizations, and how to both address the challenges and seize the opportunities.


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