Skills-based hiring for employee retention & talent acquisition

The most forward-thinking and agile businesses are shifting their focus away from jobs and zooming in on skills. Reap greater profits by identifying top talent and retaining employees with critical skills for business growth with tools from Mercer Skills Edge Suite.

New strategies for talent acquisition and employee retention

Traditional methods of talent acquisition and employee retention were designed for a bygone era – not for large-scale shifts that we are witnessing in today’s workplace.

The million-dollar question is: 

How can business leaders design a future of work strategy that recruits and retains top-quality talent?

  • Look out for new technology
    Monitor the advancement of automation and artificial intelligence, its impact on your workforce, and future job functions
  • Re-evaluate and redesign jobs
    Identify the most important skills for future, re-evaluate your existing workforce, and redesign jobs that can help you fulfil your business vision
  • Seize new upskilling opportunities
    Discover optimal hiring models that attracts top talent by embracing new skills-based hiring practices

Navigate the new business ecosystem with skills for future

Economic uncertainty, rapid digital transformation, and sudden societal shifts have made tried-and-tested HR strategies obsolete when it comes to employee retention and talent acquisition. Get your company back on track with Mercer’s global consulting team, advanced data, and technology toolkit. Understanding the skills for the future and knowing how to pay-for-skills with Mercer’s Skills Edge Suite will help your company navigate uncertainty.

Identifying high-priority skills is easier with Mercer Skills Library

Mercer Skills Library is a global job taxonomy that comprises over 3,000 unique skills. Identify priority skills, understand your current bench strength, and identify opportunities for upskilling and reskilling by creating your skills-based future roadmap.

Reward skilled workers without underpaying or overpaying with Mercer Skills Pricer

Mercer Skills Pricer uses global market data and predictive modelling to help you visualise skills demand and its impact on pay. Stay ahead of hiring trends by keeping track of in-demand skills and reskill your teams in advance.

Retain talent with relevant compensation benchmarks using Mercer Skills Pay Planner

Mercer Skills Pay Planner uses machine learning and AI to recommend compensation packages with just the right balance. Align your incentives with skill scarcity, business strategy, career potential, performance, retention risk, and more. 

Learn how your competitors are shifting their focus from jobs to skills

Find out how Mercer and a large R&D organization in Singapore transformed their skills agenda, employee payment, and career ladder to develop an upskilling and reskilling culture among their employees.

Don’t replace people. Reskill your workforce.

Adjust to the new realities of a skills-based future by focusing on people — the future of business.
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