Attract and retain talent with data-backed compensation insights

Small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) have less resources to attract and retain top talent. On top of competing with large conglomerates with deep pockets of reserves, SME owners also have to outpace fellow SMEs who are equally, if not more hungry for skilled labour. That's why market specific data is so crucial when it comes to planning competitive compensation packages. 

Mercer’s Remuneration Survey for SMEs is a comprehensive database with specific metrics aimed at helping you zoom in on SME-specific data to make swift, informed decisions on compensation management, benefits planning, and policy development.

Beyond mere numbers, Remuneration Survey for SMEs also offers you insights and summaries into the latest market trends in the compensation and benefits world. So whether you’re a growing business or one that’s undergoing restructuring, make salary decisions confidently by adding Remuneration Survey for SMEs to your repertoire of budgeting tools. 

Remuneration survey data for SMEs - built and priced for SMEs

  1. Timeline

    Enrolment Jan 2022

    Data Collection May 2022

    Consultant Analysis Jun 2022

    Report Publication Jan 2023 onwards

  2. Selection Criteria
    1. The Remuneration Survey for SMEs is open to companies based in Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. This excludes local subsidiaries of Multinational Corporations (MNCs).
    2. Participants will be required to provide data on their compensation policies (excluding benefits) based on metrics within the Remuneration Survey for SMEs. 

A comprehensive overview of SME employee compensation trends in market

Mercer’s Remuneration Survey for SMEs features three key components to offer you a complete picture of prevailing policies in employee compensation and benefits:
  1. Base Salary
    Annual base salary of employees categorised according to specific jobs and functions.
  2. Total guaranteed cash compensation
    View the total annualised value of guaranteed allowances on top of employee base salary.
  3. Total cash compensation
    Factor short-term incentives, variable bonuses, sales incentives, and profit sharing into your employee budget.

Product features of Remuneration Survey for SMEs

  • Access data through e-portals

    Receive your Remuneration Survey for SMEs results via Mercer’s accessible online platform. See how your compensation and benefits packages measure up against market competitors and export the survey results to Excel for easy viewing.
  • See only the most relevant data

    Results of the Remuneration Survey for SMEs will reflect compensation data on up to 50 of the most common jobs in your local labour market.
  • Get a birds eye view

    Get a comprehensive summary of country-level economic, political, and labour trends.
  • Compare against accurate benchmarks

    Gain insight into the most common compensation policies, complete with salary increase forecasts, attrition rates, and variable bonuses by job scope.
  • Rely on accurate market analysis

    Plan the most competitive compensation packages for high-demand roles with accurate market analysis
  • Be assured of confidentiality and quality

    Budget confidently with data that has gone through several rounds of quality reviews at your fingertips. What’s more, ensure that your data is always safeguarded.
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