Conduct examinations in an integrated cloud-based platform

Conduct, invigilate, evaluate and certify via one integrated platform through a user-friendly online platform that allows you to examine learners from anywhere, at anytime, in any subject. 

Digital assessment solutions for education and awarding organizations

Digital transformation is high on the agenda for every organization including educational institutions. The question of how technology can be used to engage more learners, enhance service delivery and ultimately drive results is key in the current socioeconomic environment.

As education providers navigate the ‘new-normal’ with varying demands from stakeholders, the challenge sits with how to drive growth, efficiency and results, whilst also building in safeguards to ensure continuity of learning and service delivery. We believe the answer is technology.

All-in-one examination management system

  • Seamless student and admin experience

    Smooth workflows, automated invigilation and integration with existing LMS.
  • Anti-cheating features

    Candidate authentication with human and AI-based remote invigilation.
  • Robust data security

    Data encryption, secure data hosting and compliance with international standards.
  • Robust data security

    Data encryption, secure data hosting and compliance with international standards.
  • Exam scalability

    Upload exam questions at scale with the ability to conduct over 200,000 exams a day.
  • 24/7 support

    Team of exam consultants available to troubleshoot.

    Stress-free process, from start to finish

    Take the stress out of exams with our fully integrated platform. From bulk question uploads and customized exam invites, to automated evaluation and certificates. 
    • Before the exam

      • Create question papers with over 26 question formats supported
      • Schedule exams and invite participants
      • Setup evaluation rules
    • During the exam

      • Conduct exams digitally
      • Ensure exam integrity with remote-invigilation technology
      • Generate student credibility reports
    • After the exam

      • Assign answer sheets to evaluators
      • Declare results online
      • Monitor evaluation progress
      • Customise auto-generated certificates

    Remote Invigilation Technology

    Ensure exam integrity through student authentication, secure browser and remote invigilation tools:
    • Ensure the right student is sitting the exam with three-point authentication
    • Provide a safe environment with no external assistance with a secure browser
    • Remote invigilation utilizes AI and human-based invigilation to detect suspicious activity and provide a live feed of test takers
    • Available as an all-in-one exam solution or as an integration to existing an LMS

    Our approach to knowledge assessment solutions

    The Mercer examination and certification platform is an all-in-one online assessment solution. Using the Mercer Mettl infrastructure, it allows organizations to conduct, invigilate, evaluate and govern online exams through one integrated platform. It simplifies the experience for all stakeholders including exam administrators, professors, students and leaders:
    • Reduces anxiety for learners and cuts out the need to travel to a test centre. Test-takers can complete an exam anytime, anywhere, and get real-time results.
    • Reduces carbon footprint of physical exam sheets
    • Saves professors time by offering automated grading, evaluating and automated certifications
    • Supports an unlimited number of students
    • Simplifies storing information with seamless digital recordkeeping

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