Small business employee benefits

Our employee benefits for small businesses bring you the best value deals from industry-leading health insurance and group benefits providers. Designed to help you attract and retain the talent needed to grow your business and keep your people healthy.

Small business employee benefits services

A competitive small business employee benefits package can help you to attract and retain employees and create a culture of health that looks after your most important asset; your people.

However, with the cost of health benefits rising at twice the rate of inflation, it’s important to balance cost with empathy. For example, by offering health solutions that support everyone to stay healthy, with free access to virtual healthcare, mental health counselling and health assessments.

The cost of putting in place a small business health plan can quickly add up. That’s why we offer benchmarking insights on what your competitors are offering. This will help you see what you need to offer to stay competitive, without overspending.

As an independent global health and benefits broker, we review everything the market has to offer. This helps you create a cost-effective small business employee benefits package, tailored to your business needs, that will enable you to:

  • Attract and retain talent with the right employee benefits at the right price

  • Benchmark your offering against industry peers to ensure it is competitive

  • Create a small business health plan to boost employee health and well-being

  • Rehabilitate employees more quickly or cover their salaries if they can’t recover

  • Protect your people against health risks, with comprehensive health insurance

  • Ensure your small business employee benefits comply with regulations

  • Keep your employee data safe and protected with approved vendors

  • Future-proof your employee benefits so they can grow with the business

  • Reduce admin time as Mercer Marsh Benefits set up and communicate benefits on your behalf

Small business employee benefits you can’t get elsewhere

We have placed more than $60 billion in benefits premiums and equivalents with market-leading insurers across the globe.

This has enabled us to build strong relationships with health insurers and negotiate several exclusive enhancements for all our clients. Enhancements you can’t access as a small business, but which we can pass onto you via our small business employee benefits services.

To build your benefits package, your dedicated relationship manager will identify which core benefits and additional free enhancements are right for you. Then take care of setting up your small business employee benefits program and communicating this to employees, to maximize engagement.

  • Private Health Insurance – to enable employees and their families to side-step long waiting lists and rapidly access private healthcare
  • Group Income Protection – to ensure employees, and their families, are financial supported if they become unable to work
  • Life Insurance – to give employees the security of knowing that their family will be financially provided for if they die during their time working for you

  • Optical, dental and physio care.
    Cover everyday healthcare costs to help employees save hundreds of pounds a year on ongoing healthcare.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
    Provide access to confidential mental health counselling and practical advice, covering legal, debt, childcare and eldercare worries.
  • Virtual GP service.
    Enable employees to easily see a doctor without having to take time off work. Allowing them to fit healthcare around their work and life.
  • Health assessments.
    Help employees understand their physical health and detect disease when the private cost of this would cost hundreds of pounds.
We can also work with you to create a culture of mental health and well-being, to mitigate mental health risks. Such as rising levels of stress and anxiety, financial worries and burnout. As well as help you create diverse and inclusive benefits programs to support your diversity, equity and inclusion targets.

Small business employee benefits services features

  • Part of your team

    Your experienced account manager will work as part of your team to identify which benefits will best support your business.
  • Independent consultants

    We are not tied to any providers, so we can put forward best recommendations and work with any provider you want us to.
  • Best value

    As a world-leading broker we can secure the best rates and free extras from health insurers and group benefits providers.
  • Local compliance

    We understand changing regulations and work with you to ensure your small business employee benefits are compliant.
  • Free administration

    We will set up and communicate your small business employee benefits to employees on your behalf to boost engagement.
  • Future proofing

    Our small business employee benefits services grow with your business, so they remain fit for purpose and scalable.

Small business employee benefits partners

We will tailor your small business employee benefits to the specific needs of your workforce. This means you get a bespoke solution that underpins your company culture and enhances morale and employee loyalty.

Our bespoke employee benefits for small businesses include

  • Employee well-being

  • Managing costs

  • Growing your business

  • Group income protection for businesses

  • Workplace pension

  • Dental insurance for businesses

  • Private medical insurance for businesses

  • Critical illness insurance

  • Business and leisure travel insurance

  • Group life assurance for businesses

  • Health cash plans for businesses

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