Help your employees understand the value of your reward program

The right benefits communication strategy for your employee benefits will boost employee engagement, helping you to attract and retain talent. Our end-to-end employee benefits communication solutions includes branding, messaging and communication tools.

Employee benefits communication to make you an employer of choice

Whether you want to improve your employee value proposition or reduce staff churn, effective benefits communication is essential. We can help you increase take up of benefits to create a culture of well-being, help people make the right choices and ensure employees understand and appreciate the value of their benefits. This includes personalized benefits communications to support diversity and inclusion initiatives, delivering health education in areas such as mental health and content to steer employees towards high quality health care.

Our employee benefits communication solutions boost employee engagement by helping you to:

  • Create a compelling brand for your employee benefits, complete with logo
  • Devise a communication strategy, based on the demographic of your workforce
  • Develop messaging to link your HR benefits to wider business values
  • Engage employees during enrollment windows
  • Get your message out via a range of digital benefits communication channels
  • Review take-up of employee benefits to refine your messaging and communication strategy

Benefits communication to boost loyalty and well-being

Our employee benefits communication solutions empower you to:
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