Gender pay gap reporting: We’re here to help

Learn how Mercer can help you successfully report and publish your gender pay gap results to comply with new government legislation.

What is gender pay gap reporting? 

The Gender Pay Gap Information Act was signed into Irish law on July 13th 2021.  Under the Act, certain employers will be required to report and publish a range of gender pay gap information relevant to their organisation.

We’re here to help you meet your gender pay gap reporting obligations


From 2022 employers in Ireland with 250 or more employees need to report their gender


From 2024 the requirements will apply to employers with 150 or more employees


From 2025 it will apply to those with 50 or more employees

Mercer can help you with gender pay gap reporting

There are a number of key elements employers need to consider when conducting their mandatory gender pay gap reporting. Firstly, this is going to be a yearly process and not a once off occurrence, so it needs to be fully understood and streamlined into your business activities.

It is not just about ensuring you gather all the correct data necessary to make your calculations and then producing your results, you need to be able to manage the narrative as you want to ensure any gaps are adequately explained. You also need to remember that your gender pay gap report will be published, so it will be available to any member of the public. Both your current employees and any potential new employees can search for and avail of this information at any given time. It is not only a legal requirement for your company, it is to ensure you are treating all of your employees equally.

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