The “Delivering the Deal” spotlight series is where Mercer’s leading experts discuss the most pressing issues facing business leaders and deal professionals in M&A today.

Tune into our latest episode of Delivering the Deal, where our host, Global, and North America M&A Leader Jeff Black, interviews Mercer’s [automotive industry leader], Mike Ponicall. Mike discusses  transformation in the auto industry, and how it factors into business leaders' strategic agendas. Mike also mentions how recent joint ventures and strategic alliances are increasing and the best way to ensure these deals are set up right.
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Interesting moments from the podcast:

  • Talent

    "Talent is the number one issue facing auto companies, as they evolve from the internal combustion engine automobile to more electric and autonomous vehicle cars."
  • HR

    "Human resources are critical to the success of these companies who have said that they're going to be all EV by 2030, 2035 whether their suppliers or OEM."
  • Retention

    "Retention ultimately ends up not usually being about money."

Delivering the Deal

The unrealised potential of people in deal value creation

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