M&A Ready Academy 

Gain real world insights and learn the financial and people risks associated with deals to become an M&A leader.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be critical to an organisation’s growth strategy. Given the intense competition in the market and growing shareholder expectations, getting your M&A strategy right requires a strong understanding of the business, financial and people risks associated with deals. 

Mercer’s M&A Ready Academy is a virtual training curriculum that brings together Mercer’s unique, in-depth insights on the people risks in deals while providing an overview of the entire business and functional deal spectrum. The Academy’s basic training curriculum — designed for Corporate Develop, HR professionals, people managers and beyond — is offered as a modular, on-demand course supplemented with regular, synchronous deep-dive masterclass sessions on critical topics.

For the past 20 years, over 3,500 business leaders and deal professionals have graduated from Mercer’s M&A Ready programme. We’ve helped teams of all sizes prepare more confidently and comprehensively to meet their M&A-related challenges and drive deal value.
 Jeff Black

Global M&A Advisory Services Leader

M&A Ready Academy

Enrolling in the M&A Ready Academy gets you access to the following:
  • On-demand M&A training on the basics of deals, starting with M&A strategy, target identification and due diligence through post-close integration and spanning the entire scope of deal areas within an organisation
  • Synchronous, online masterclass sessions on the most critical topics impacting M&A today. Choose your masterclass curriculum based on your needs and areas you want to become more familiar with or that interest you most. Each class will be offered twice to accommodate multiple time zones — you’ll receive your calendar invites throughout the year, once your enrolment is processed. Sessions will cover a broad range of topics, include:
  1. Post deal organisation design and governance as value drivers
  2. How to build a successful M&A team - M&A Readiness
  3. Managing flight risk – talent retention
  4. Mitigating Culture Risk to Drive Deal Value
  5. ESG and DE&I due diligence
  6. And, more. A full list of topics will be available after your enrolment.
  • One hour of consulting from one of our M&A expert advisers on a topic of your choosing
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