The Transforming for the future podcast series features Mercer’s consultants who are helping organisations stay ahead of the curve by embracing transformation, exploring new ways of working and reinventing their employee experience. We’ll discuss the most pressing issues facing leaders today and how to shape the future of work so that your business and people thrive.

In this episode of Transforming for the Future, Energy Industry Leader, Milan Taylor, interviews Geoff Smith, Managing Partner, Gulf States Region. Geoff shares his vast experience and firsthand knowledge of working with global multinational energy companies as they navigate the uncharted waters of the energy transition and tackle new talent challenges.
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Interesting moments from the interview:

  • Change in energy

    "We're talking about energy, we're talking about something that actually makes the world go round, every single day, when we throw the energy transition into that, it's a huge complex industry that is going through a tremendous amount of change."
  • Recognising the energy transition

    "CEOs and the business leaders recognise the energy transition is going to drive their business differently. And they haven't yet gotten to people strategy from alignment"
  • Resilience in the workforce

    "Something that wasn't on the agenda two years ago that is top of mind now is the resiliency and the mental health of the workforce"

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