Ensure that you have all of the facts to help you tackle the requirements for gender pay gap reporting, pay transparency and equal pay in Ireland.

With the snapshot date for Gender Pay Gap reporting falling in June, organisations with more than 250 employees will once again prepare their gender pay gap calculations and narratives. The first year of reporting produced a mine of information both on gender pay gap data, and on the measures companies are taking to address the gap.

In addition, the European Commission’s Directive on Pay Transparency and Equal Pay is on the way. We await precise detail, but it is likely to have legal force from 2026. The directive will provide a legal framework for identifying and examining unexplained pay inequalities, and will give workers the right to access relevant pay information. By setting minimum guidelines for transparency, the EU Directive helps to set equal pay and pay transparency standards for the companies who operate across different jurisdictions in Europe.

During the event Danny Mansergh and Lucye Provera discuss:

  • The learnings from Gender Pay Gap reporting in 2022
  • What to expect for reporting in 2023 and the immediate challenges around the gap
  • A look forward at pay transparency and what it means for employers
  • News on our forthcoming Women at Work Survey and how this could help inform your approach to DEI
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