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The Automatic Enrolment (AE) Retirement Savings Systems Bill has now been signed into law by the President. The key features of the regime as originally announced in April when the Bill was published haven’t changed. All subject matter that James Campbell and Caitriona MacGuinness discuss in the podcast episode still remains relevant including their advice to employers on how best to prepare for its 2025 introduction.

In this episode of our Employer Insights Ireland podcast series (recorded in April but updated in July to take account of recent developments), we explore the key implications of auto-enrolment for employers.

Listen to the podcast to hear James Campbell, Director of Consulting for Wealth Europe, Mercer, chat with Caitriona MacGuinness, Head of DC and Private Wealth at Mercer Ireland. Together they explore the issues and questions that really matter as employers prepare for the biggest change in the pensions system in years. Some of the key issues under the spotlight include:

  • How auto-enrolment will work in practice.
  • Some of the key differences between the new central system and the existing pension plan regime and why this matters.
  • The options that employers will have and the key decisions they need to make.
  • What employers should be doing now to prepare for its introduction.
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