Mercer Ireland Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

This report details the gender pay gap at Mercer Ireland in line with new rules laid out by the government, which we welcome. The gap is measured using broad means and medians drawn from the entirety of our team. It takes no account of the different roles and levels held by individuals. The gender pay gap does not measure whether pay is equal. Equal pay requires that individuals within particular roles are paid equitably for the same work, allowing for differences in factors such as experience, performance or skills. Via its annual internal study, Mercer ensures that equal pay principles are applied. It is perfectly possible for an organisation that applies equal pay principles to have a gender pay gap. This typically arises when men and women are unevenly represented in different roles and levels of the organisation. This is the case at Mercer Ireland, where our gender pay gap arises primarily from having more men than women in our most senior grades. This is changing, and we are moving towards a more even gender split at all levels of the company.

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